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                  My favorite bands are 2 & 6 & 10 meters


On 2 Meters

I use a Icom 9700 radio and a Linear Amp UK (Discovery) amplifier

On 6 meters

I use a Icom 9100 radio and a Linear Amp UK (Discovery) amplifier  

On 10 meters

I use a Icom 7300 radio and a HF 2000 amplifier

Picture above and below is my 2016 summer project. This is a 9 element 6 meter yagi.

Boom length was 61 feet. Mounted at 60 feet above ground on a Rohn 55 tower.

It worked fantastic for the June and July VHF contest.

In 2018 I took this down to make it work better. It worked great the way it was, but after months of computer work, I found 

I could make it work much better, 3 dB better.  I added more boom to make it 64 feet long and moved all the elements

to new locations. Yes, it works much better now.   I designed and built this myself.

This is my 2015 summer project, 8 - 13 el. yagi's on 2 meters 

Each yagi is 32 ft. long, stacked at 14 ft. vertical, 15 ft. horizontal.

I used 50 ft. of Rohn 25 for the horizontal support.

How much gain does it have? A boat load. Array is at 70 ft. above the ground.

Below you will see pictures and descriptions of antennas from the past.

I really enjoyed having these up, and plan to have a new large 6 meter antenna up in the future.

Picture above is 4 - 5 element 24 foot boom  home brew yagi antennas on a Rohn 55 tower.

After years of testing different antennas, I was happy with this setup.

This was the best working array I had for 6 meters.

The H-frame is made from Rohn 25 tower sections.

Mother nature said I couldn't keep this and a tornado hit it head on. 

Tower was undamaged, but all 4 antennas broke right at the mast plate.

One half of one antenna (12 foot section) was never found.

Can you see the elevator at the top everything is mounted on ?

This made it much easier to assemble and work on.

Even with this array lowered all the way down, I still needed to use my bucket truck.

New for 2013, 7 element home brew on 6 meters,

12.1 dBi forward, 23.2 front to back, works great !

Below is the new 6 meter yagi I designed just for the July CQ vhf 2012 contest.

It works very well for everything, including contesting.

Its special design allows signals to go in both directions. Out the front and back.

I can work stations in New York and Arizona at the same time, How Awesome is that!!

This will be left up until after the September ARRL vhf contest gets over.

Then it will be taken down, I have a new 10 meter yagi to put up for the December 10

meter contest.The old 4 element has been retired for a new 6 elements on 10 meters.

This is a Picture of what I had up

as of October 2011

4 element 10 meter yagi (bottom antenna)

9 element 6 meter yagi (top antenna)

Both antennas I designed and built.

They work very well for local or long distance

You can also see the elevator I designed

and built to raise and lower the antennas.

Why climb if I don't have to.

The tower is Rohn 55, just 60 feet tall.

I took this down July 1st, 2012.


The Antennas pictured above are what I put up just for the July CQ VHF and September VHF contest in 2011.

 I have been testing several different 6 meter antennas over the summer. (number of elements vs boom length)

The top antenna is a special design, 6 element yagi 34 feet long. It has 3 extra elements added making it a total

of 9 elements. More forward gain and much better receive. Just the way I like it.

It works great on local and long distance contacts!


I will be moving the 6 meter yagi in July 2012 over to another Rohn 55 tower that is 70 ft. tall.

The plan is to add two more elements, making it an 11 element yagi. Over 14 db gain.

Testing of this new yagi will be during the July CQ VHF contest July 21,22. Pics coming.


The lower yagi is a 2 meter 24 element, 53 foot long M2 antenna I had stored in the garage. After the contest

it will go back to the garage. It only comes out to play when the weather is nice as my backup antenna.

As of October 1st, 2011 The M2  2 meter yagi has been taken down. (Back in the garage)

144 Mhz Array   Built date 5/15/2005

8 homebrew yagi's            Taken down 5/1/2011

11 elements on each yagi

each yagi is 24 feet long

This array is mounted on a Rohn 55 tower 80 feet up. It works very well for just about everything, including contests.

An elevator (my design) was installed so the entire array can be lowered to the ground for repairs.The tower also has a hinge base so I can tilt it over if need be.

This array has been taken down.


50 Mhz Array

4 homebrew yagi's

5 elements on each yagi

each yagi is 14 feet long

This array is also mounted on Rohn 55 tower.

You can see part of the elevator around the top of the

tower. This allows me to lower the entire array to the

ground for repairs.

This tower also has a hinge base so I can tilt it over.

Antennas are up around 65 feet.

As soon as the weather turns nice I will take this down

Array taken down as of May 1st,2011


Even with elevators installed on each antenna array,

When they are lowered all the way down,

the top antennas are still up at 20 to 30

feet. I needed some way to reach them.

I picked this bucket truck up at a local going

out of business auction.

It goes up to 55 feet.

Works great for antenna work.

Now if I could only find time to paint it.

boom truck

All my towers are designed to tilt over at the base.

I needed some thing big enough for the job.

I picked this up at a local auction.

It has no trouble lowering or lifting my towers.

It also works great for lifting my arrays up to mount them on to the elevators.

I think this is a 1946 Studebaker

The boom extends up and out to 30 feet above the ground.

I work up on the tower while the xyl runs the boom truck. She gets all the fun jobs.


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